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Blended professional learning

We recognise that professional development is undertaken in vastly different ways in all schools, and yet we also see and hear that, in many instances, PD programs are not meeting expectations nor delivering improved educational outcomes for students and teachers.

Additionally, we know that:

  • Teachers are overloaded and want the time they spend on development to be valuable and effective
  • Teachers in Australia face the constant challenge of finding the right opportunities to learn and develop in order to keep up with global best practice pedagogy
  • One-off PD has a pretty limited impact on student outcomes; teachers need a program that sustains change in practice over time... but flexible, ongoing learning and support is hard to come by
  • A blended/flipped environment allows us to bring together the evidence base on best practice teaching with practical implementation strategies for all to use in their classrooms
  • Research shows that student outcomes in Australia are not keeping up with global standards and that for students to thrive in life beyond school, they need the support of their teachers and schools to prepare them for an uncertain future - this will take a new approach to teaching and learning to meet these changing needs

Creating a program that covers the above while also building a community of engaged teachers passionate about improving the teaching and learning experience, is our aim.

A group of teachers talking

This is why we created Edrolo Academy.

In line with Edrolo’s vision to improve education, Edrolo Academy seeks to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement for those within education by building a world-class series of short courses, catering to the learning ambitions of teachers across all subjects and all levels of experience, that improves both teachers and students outcomes and wellbeing.

We plan to build a course catalogue of 3 – 6 courses, which will be run multiple times per year. We will work with schools to find out about their PD priorities, so we can ensure Edrolo learning experiences are world-class and built according to need.

In addition to our inaugural course in Flipped Learning, the courses we are exploring for launch across 2018/19 include:

  • Positive education
  • Project-based learning
  • Data-driven teaching
  • Leadership
  • Behavioural management
  • and many more

We would love to hear from you on the above plus other areas you would like Edrolo to explore. Tell us your PD priorities and wants in under 60 seconds!

Feedback from the first cohort is overwhelmingly positive, with participants all now working in a flipped environment, and spreading the word throughout their schools!

As noted by one of the participants in our first cohort - “I really thought presenting the rationale behind flipped classroom learning will prove useful. It was good to actually see how it is done and to get some tips on how to incorporate it into the classroom. It was also good to have some time to actually create our own content.”

A group of teachers listening

Learning model components

All courses will be run using a blended learning approach, including (but not limited to):

  • Online pre-learning content
  • A face-to-face workshop component with the whole cohort
  • Ongoing webinar check-ins
  • A final report/summary
  • Ongoing discussion board for teachers to share learnings and build a community of practice

All Edrolo Academy courses will be facilitated by an expert in the field, including teachers and those working within education, as we know learning from those who understand your context is particularly powerful.

What will it cost?

Courses are priced at $500+GST per teacher for 10-12 hours of professional development, covering all materials and components of learning as listed above.

A group of teachers working together

Course timing

We will release our timetable of courses for 2018 later this year.

We have a Flipped Learning course with a 9/10 Science focus that is scheduled for the following dates, commencing in T1 2018:

Course enrolment closes:
8th Dec 2017
Content released to participants:
5th Feb 2018
Workshop - face to face:
28th Feb & 1st Mar, 12pm – 4pm
Check in online #1:
13th Mar 2018, 4pm
Check in online #2:
17th Apr 2018, 4pm
Course completion:
26th Apr 2018

If you would like to learn more about what Edrolo Academy is building or to get involved please contact: lauren.fisher@edrolo.com