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Year 7 Science - Australian Curriculum-aligned

Love Year 7 Science with Edrolo

Trusted by 1,100+ schools across Australia

Edrolo is an Australian-owned publisher creating high-quality resources to support the amazing work you do every day. We partner with schools to set them up for success and our dedicated in-house teams of authors create resources that you and your students will love.

Helping 250,000+ students a year succeed

Supercharge your students’ scientific inquiry and literacy skills

Scaffolded, clear, and concise content, using real-world examples to get your students loving science.

Every element of the resource has been carefully put together to engage young teenage minds and help you differentiate and support your class.

All the elements to save you time

A suite of print and digital resources, made by experienced Science teachers, organised and packaged to save you time.

Student worksheets, lesson slides with matching student notes, and summary review questions differentiated for mixed abilities.

Plus risk assessments from RiskAsses for every lesson prac.

Electrifying digital access

Digital access to enable flipped learning, with online activities and full video solutions for every textbook inquiry question.

Your students will develop independent learning skills and master key scientific concepts.

Online auto-marking and real-time student data for formative and summative assessment to support the great work you’re already doing.

Get set for teaching and learning to skyrocket

Edrolo Year 7 Science sets a new benchmark for high-quality, Australian Curriculum-aligned content for junior secondary students.

You and your students will love Science with Edrolo.

I teach Year 7 Science. How do I get a closer look?

We know it’s important you get a chance to try the resources out with your students, so you can feel confident making a decision to partner with Edrolo.

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How can I learn more right now?

Check out this brochure to learn more about the key features of Edrolo Year 7 Science.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 with Edrolo

1. Request a trial of the resources.

2. We’ll reach out to find a time that suits you to understand what you and your students need, and answer any questions you have.

3. We’ll set you, your colleagues, and students up for success, and partner with you to provide training and support, insights and tips that help you teach and your students achieve.