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New Year 7 Maths and Science resources available nationally

Your students will love Maths and Science with Edrolo.

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Learning resources that improve secondary education

More than 1000 Australian secondary schools trust Edrolo as a core resource for everyday teaching and learning. We combine a systematic, innovative, and research-led approach to resource design with actionable analytics – giving school leaders, teachers, and students the tools they need to reach their goals.

Our 2022 catalogue offers 14 complete textbooks, and Edrolo Standard in 29 subjects

Four Edrolo textbooks

90%+ of Victoria secondary schools currently embed Edrolo as a core teaching and learning resource. Our resources are available through school subscriptions and we offer free trials to any school or teacher that would like to assess the resource for their class.

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Edrolo Textbooks

You asked, we listened. The next generation of high impact textbooks are here for Maths, Humanities and Science. Click here for details.

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Edrolo Standard

Edrolo Standard combines interactive video theory, formative assessment, exam practice, and analytics.

Edrolo is more than a resource

Every school – big and small, metro or regional – is assigned a dedicated person from Edrolo called a Learning Innovation Associate ("LIA"). Our LIAs are at the forefront of educational practice and spend 1000s of hours each year working with schools to improve outcomes. We run a wide range of professional development programs focused on 21st Century teaching practices, and also work directly with Leadership Teams to ensure the resource is supporting your teaching and learning goals. When you subscribe to Edrolo, you can rest assured that this support (and more!) comes included, and the support will be enduring and consistent.

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It’s easy, and free to get started.

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About Edrolo

Our mission is to improve education and the future lives of learners.

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The average Australian student spends over 11,000 hours in school by the time they complete their secondary education. At Edrolo, we believe there is no more important mission than helping everyone involved make the most of this time spent at school.

Our approach is to partner with schools long-term to drive improved outcomes for students, teachers, school leaders, and the entire school community. The approach we take to designing our resources centres on ensuring teachers and students are spending the right amount of time on exactly the right things.

In our seven-year journey building resources for Australian schools, we’ve built a customer base of over 1000schools, hired hundreds of passionate educators and technologists (including high-performing teachers and ex-students), and raised money from Australia’s top venture capital firms. And our story is only just beginning.

Our Customers

Trusted by over 1000 Australian high schools

Building legitimate long-term partnerships with schools is the heart of what we do at Edrolo. We work closely with schools of every size and sector to ensure that teachers and students benefit from the best educational tools and practices.

Through these partnerships we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of Australian students view over 220 million Edrolo videos, and respond to over 50 million Edrolo practice questions.

”Edrolo has helped our school continue to offer a diverse curriculum, subjects with low student numbers which may otherwise have folded were able to run with the support of flexible staff and Edrolo. Edrolo has also given our students an additional resource to their teacher, a resource which is thorough and can be visited at times of the student’s convenience. Edrolo assists our teachers in ongoing assessment of student progress, by being a great catch up tool and revision resource and has been found to be particularly useful for a flipped classroom. We have found it to be such a valuable tool in our Senior School that we have added a permanent Edrolo item into our Senior Meeting Agenda to share best practice between staff.

We have found the Edrolo system easy to use for staff and students and the Edrolo team is incredibly responsive to requests or suggestions. The Edrolo team continually seek to improve the service and seem to be constantly adding new content and coming up with new initiatives to further enhance the functionality and benefits for students and teachers. At Newcomb Secondary College we love the benefits Edrolo has brought to our school’s learning community.“

– Jeremy Sinclair, Leading Teacher of the Senior School, Newcomb Secondary College

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Jobs at Edrolo

Help us improve education

Do you want to be part of a company with a big mission that really matters? Are you looking to take on a vital role in a growing team? Do you want to have a big impact at a fast-growing, Australian, venture-backed startup? If so, this might be the one. We're a young company, with runs on the board, and a vision you can buy into long term.

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