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Edrolo for Years 7-10 Science

Australian-Curriculum 9.0-aligned content for Years 7-10, with the best quality questions and answers
Science skills backwards mapped from the senior years, and embedded across 7-10
Explicitly teach students the skills they need for success in Science
Editable theory slides, activities, skills application, and practical investigations with accompanying risk assessments
High-quality content, packaged to save teacher prep time
Real-time, instant data to target teaching
Worked solutions and checklists to help students make progress and learn

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Full curriculum coverage

You are fully covered, whether you are teaching about the Moon, mixtures or magnets. Every topic is covered in-depth, with skills and knowledge explicitly mapped for Years 7-10. Deep dive or a whistle-stop tour of a topic, you have content and activities that are ready-to-go.

Years 7-10 content
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Editable slides

High-quality editable and downloadable teacher slides for every single topic. There are Knowledge slides and Skills slides. These include learning intentions and success measures, guiding questions, theory, activities, and checking for understanding. Use as is, or add and remove the content you need for your students.

Skills slides

Each set of Skills slides focuses on a specific Science skill, helping to make sure your students are developing the skills they need while learning content.

Reporting significant figures
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Knowledge slides

Knowledge slides cover the topics that you know get students excited. Hooks and activities in each slide set will get students buzzing, with theory that connects topics to students’ lives.

Biology - Stimulation
Chemistry - Atomic structure
Physics - Energy
Earth and Space - Plate tectonics
See slidesSee slidesSee slidesSee slides

Skills activities

Science skills are embedded throughout the resource. These are backmapped from what students will need for success in the senior years, including VCE. 

Reinforcing skills through topics

Each set of Knowledge slides also includes a student activity to practise the skill learnt in the related Skills lesson. For example, when students learn about evidence for plate tectonics, they are also practising processing and analysing data - which is covered in-depth in the matching Skills lesson

Biology - Stimulation
Chemistry - Atomic structure
Physics - Energy
Earth and Space - Plate Tectonics
See activitySee activitySee activitySee activity

Question sets

Each chapter contains a set of practical investigations to engage students in developing their science skills and knowledge in a hands-on way. Each practical investigation is also directly linked to a science inquiry skill to build students’ ability to engage with science both inside and outside the classroom. Each prac also has a risk assessment available with your Edrolo subscription through Risk Assess.

Biology - Stimulation
Chemistry - Atomic structure
Physics - Magnets
Earth and Science - Plate Tectonics
See questionsSee questionsSee questionsSee questions

Practical investigations

Each topic contains a set of practical investigations to engage students in developing their science skills and knowledge in a hands-on way. Each practical investigation is also directly linked to a science inquiry skill to build students’ ability to engage with science both inside and outside the classroom.

Law of conservation of mass
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Science as a Human Endeavour

Each topic has a ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’ exercise where students interpret a variety of stimulus such as diagrams or maps. This helps students to develop their literacy and numeracy skills in a scientific context - building a foundation upon which they can engage more deeply in the sciences.

Chemical reactions unleashed
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Instant learning data

Using the Edrolo platform, students can follow along, take notes and complete questions and activities. You can see their completion and answers - helping to see where to target teaching and the next learning move.

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Science skills - Reporting significant figures

About this lesson

This Year 9 lesson covers the critical skill of working with significant figures in a range of situations. Skills covered include:

How to identify the number of significant figures in a measured value
How to report significant figures for calculations involving multiplication or division
How to report significant figures for calculations involving addition or subtraction 

Time: 40-80 mins (depending on using the questions and activity in class or as homework)
Things to look for: breakdown of skills, worked examples, tips and tricks to avoid confusion

Lesson resources

Editable skills slides
See slides

Chemistry knowledge - Atomic structure

About this lesson

This Year 9 topic builds students’ understanding of the parts of an atom. Students consider how the atomic model has been built up over time, and learn how to read the periodic table.

Lesson resources

Editable theory slides
See slides
Student skill activity
See activity
Student question set
See questions

Physics knowledge - Energy

About this lesson

This Year 9 lesson builds students’ understanding of energy transfers and transformations, and how to explain waste energy losses. Students will learn to perform calculations to show the efficiency and waste energy of energy transfers and transformations.

Lesson resources

Editable slides
Student skill activity
Student question set
See slidesSee activitySee questions

Biology - Stimulation

This Year 9 topic focuses on how the body responds to internal and external stimuli. Students look at the body's different systems and explore examples of internal and external stimuli. A skills focus on communication is also embedded into the lesson.

Lesson resources

Editable slides
Student skill activity
Student question set
See slidesSee activitySee questions

Earth and Space Knowledge - Evidence for plate tectonics

This Year 8 topic builds students’ understanding of what the theory of plate tectonics is, and the evidence that exists to support it.The hook slide asks students to consider how marsupials that originated in South America got to Australia, and in the skill sharpener, students practise processing and analysing data by ​​constructing a timeline.

Lesson resources

Editable slides
Student skill activity
Student question set
See slidesSee activitySee questions
Melanie, Principal
Clearview Christian College

Firstly, congratulations on your vision for this educational product. There is a lot of common sense and practical aspects to this curriculum delivery that cuts out the clutter, allows for multiple consolidation opportunities for concepts and provides support to both the student and teacher!

Matt, Year 7 Coordinator
Mueller College

We are so impressed with the Year 7 Edrolo resources. One of the things we love most is that students can review and revise content at their own pace, and as teachers we can easily track student progress and see who needs extra help through the online platform.

Lisa, Head of Department - Secondary Science
Lavalla College

Edrolo has become the foundation of our Year 7 Science Program, with the complete package of student and teacher resources allowing us to deliver quality lessons. Having the choice of the online or text options as well as fun practical activities and differentiated chapter questions makes it a great program for engaging all our students.

Sandya, Year 7 Coordinator
Good News Lutheran College

Edrolo is a complete package for both teacher-led and self-directed learning. It saves an immense amount of teacher's time, planning and looking for resources.

Paul, Science teacher
Margaret River Senior High School

The print and digital resources are a winning combo! Every student has their own workbook, which is being left in the classroom. This has allowed consistency across the team and a great guide to our 3 new Science teachers. The teacher materials that are used alongside the print and digital resources for students are excellent.


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Australian schools trust Edrolo
Students each year succeed with Edrolo
Hours of teaching expertise invested to build the resources

Teacher time-saving elements

Editable teacher slides for every topic, covering theory and science skills, plus activities, practical investigations, and accompanying risk assessments all ready-to-go. All made by experienced teachers. Online auto-marking, and real-time student data for formative and summative assessment.

Getting notified

Skills for success now, and in senior Science

The skills students need for success in senior Science and beyond, backwards mapped and integrated from Years 7-10. Skills are explicitly covered in the editable teacher slides, and there is an activity in every lesson for students to practice applying these science skills. All laying the foundations for ongoing success in Science.

Getting notified

Quality questions that are out of this world

Carefully designed and curated question sets with instant feedback to consolidate learning and support students to make progress. Activities that reinforce science skills in context and Science as a Human Endeavour questions to relate science to the real-world.

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Supercharge your support for every student

Skills activities and questions sets that scaffold student learning, with fully-worked solutions and checklists so students can make progress in class, at home or when you're busy helping other students.

Getting notified

Ignite students' learning in Science

More content and activities than you need for any lesson, so you’re fully covered. Plus extra support for beginning and out-of-field teachers. Use this checklist to make sure you’re getting the best Years 7-10 Australian Curriculum 9.0-aligned Science resources.

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Your students will love

Science explained in a way they can understand and learn

Scientific concepts explained in plain language, with clear learning intentions and key words and definitions, so they are easy to understand, with activities to apply their knowledge.

Seeing how Science relates to their lives

Students won’t wonder why they’re learning Science, with real-world examples, explanations and questions that help them appreciate the role of Science in their lives.

Making progress and not 'staying stuck'

Fully-worked written solutions for questions help students understand any errors and make progress, whether in class or at home.

Resources designed for teenagers

The colours, fonts and graphics help students easily scan, read and focus on the content. Hands-on practicals, images and real-world examples make the content fun and engaging.

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