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High-quality video theory and exam practice to help students succeed in QCE Maths, trusted by 150 schools across Queensland

Content mastery made easy

Students can catch up and revise with syllabus aligned video theory, practice questions and fully-worked video solutions

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Extra exam prep

Students will feel confident heading into exams with QCE exam-style multiple choice questions, plus worked video solutions.

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Confident students, data-equipped teachers

Students will nail short answer questions with checklists and exemplar responses, plus data for teachers to see who needs extra help

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Available now for all QCE Maths Units 3&4 subjects

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Maths mastery made easy

Video theory authored and presented by expert teachers and aligned to the QCE syllabus to help students focus on and master key Mathematical concepts. Includes key terms and skills, introductory context to scaffold students into each topic, quick calculator look-up guides and worked examples for every topic, all to set students up to succeed.

Exam prep solved

Exam questions for every single lesson and fully-worked video solutions so students can practise and get exam-ready. Plus extra end-of-chapter review questions, linking multiple content points within each topic, help students consolidate their knowledge and apply multiple skills to a problem.

Add support, minus stress

Online video theory for every lesson so students at any level can catch-up, move ahead, revise, and be assessment-ready. Students can use the video solutions, exemplar answers and checklists to self-assess and learn how to maximise their exam marks.

Efficiency and impact squared

Set the online videos and questions as pre-learning, so students ask better questions and you have more time for in-class fluency practice and higher-order application. Use the instant and real-time data to track student progress and see who needs targeted support.

Support your students and save time
with Edrolo for QCE Maths

Learn more
Mixed abilities within a class

Video theory and fully-worked solutions means students have resources for where they’re at. Set videos to review pre-class for those struggling or when students miss a class. Track progress using real-time data. 

Students behind post-COVID 

Students coming into the year further behind or greater spread within a class. Get quickly across where students are at with real-time data, and use video theory, fully-worked solutions, and differentiated tasks to scaffold students wherever they’re at, and help them get back on track. 

Not enough prep time

Our resources are made by teachers, investing 1000s of hours in prep so you don’t have to. Editable teacher slides, unit plans, and differentiated activities are some of the features to explore. 

Having real-time learning data 

Live data dashboards are a part of every Edrolo resource. Easily see real-time student data so you can target teaching, and know exactly how every student is progressing. 

In case you're wondering

Is the content aligned to the current QCE Maths syllabus?
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Why would we choose Edrolo?
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We’ve got teachers covered too!

Cut back prep time

Save time creating homework, revision and assessment preparation tools.

Support every student

You can feel confident every student has what they need to learn and progress, including video lessons, video solutions and exam practice.

Powerful teacher professional learning

Use as teacher professional learning to see other expert teachers unpack core concepts and work through past exam questions.

Easily cater for mixed abilities within class

Get students exam-ready, no matter how diverse their abilities, with your in-class efforts supported by a resource you can trust.

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