VCE Chemistry Units 1-4

A completely redesigned textbook with everything teachers and students need for the 2023-2027 Chemistry Units 1-4 Study Design

We've rebuilt our Chemistry resource from the ground up

We’ve analysed and fully reworked our print and digital resources to address all these changes - to take as much stress and work out of teaching to the new study design for you.

Unit Plans, Study Design changes and sample chapters

See how we're comprehensively addressing the new Study Design with the unit plans, and get across the key changes with a summary of what's changing for 2024 and beyond. You can also download sample chapters and a sample activity which are available for every lesson.

Summary of the SD changes
Unit 1&2 - Unit Plan
Unit 3&4 - Unit Plan
See Study Design ChangesSee Unit PlanSee Unit Plan

Get across the new Study Design changes

VCAA's lead Study Design author, Jason Wallace, shares the key changes in the 2024 Study Design, how these will impact teachers and students,
and walks through how we'll address these changes in our new textbooks.
Chloe, Year 12 Chemistry teacher
Suzanne Cory High School

I really do love them. It’s great that you are really explicit about what VCAA does and doesn't want, you use actual exam questions in the textbook, and there is no extra fluff that kids worry about needing to know or not.

Caroline, Year 12 Chemistry teacher
Keilor Downs College

I like the way the theory is succinct and straight to the point… and I was able to navigate and use the resource in minutes.

Andrew, Chemistry teacher
Ave Maria College

I like how the intro to chapter is a real-world application, and how the progress questions are spread throughout the exercise. It’s a great idea and helps link the theory to each questions.


Here’s why our partner schools love VCE Chemistry with Edrolo


Formulated for student success

Concise theory, updated and explicitly aligned to the new study design, along with terminology, tips and differentiated activities that help students focus on, and master all the concepts for success in VCE Chemistry. Together with online video theory for every lesson, students at any level can catch up, jump ahead, revise, and be assessment-ready.

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Supercharge student exam prep

Progress questions, exam-style questions and key science skills for every topic, giving students valuable SAC and exam practice. The chapter review for every textbook chapter summarises the key content. All questions have a spiciness rating to guide students to meet students at their level of understanding and confidence.

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Diffuse student stress

Online video theory aligned to every lesson explains, reiterates and reinforces key concepts, and provides the support and flexibility needed for VCE. Students can watch pre or post-class, or review as part of their exam prep, and use the video solutions, exemplar answers and checklists to self-assess and maximise their exam marks.

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Reduce teacher pressure too

Clear and concise content that sets you up for success. Our in-house team of 10 have scrutinised the new study design, so you don’t have to. Use the print and digital content to match your teaching style, and the online data to track student progress and see who needs extra support.

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In case you're wondering

Why would we change from our current VCE resource?
I’m using Edrolo online for my VCE classes already - what’s the benefit of adding the textbook?
How can I be sure Edrolo resources are aligned to the new study design?
What are the main changes in the 2023-2027 VCE Chemistry study design, and how are you addressing these?

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