VCE Legal Studies Units 1-4

A completely redesigned textbook with everything teachers and students need for the 2024-2028 Legal Studies Units 1-4 Study Design

We've rebuilt our VCE Legal Studies resource from the ground up for 2024

We've analysed every single dot point in the new VCE Legal Studies Study Design, to create a print and digital resource that ensures you're covering everything you need to.
Support students to shift from recall to application and evaluation, with concise theory, real-world examples and scaffolded questions with checklists and video solutions.

Unit Plans, Study Design changes and sample chapters

See how we're comprehensively addressing the new Study Design with the unit plans, and get across the key changes with a summary of what's changing for 2024 and beyond. You can also download 5 sample chapters, covering topics new or changed in the updated Study Design.

Summary of the SD changes
Unit 1&2 - Unit Plan
Unit 3&4 - Unit Plan
See Study Design ChangesSee Unit PlanSee Unit Plan

Get across the new Study Design changes

Lead author, Kristen Cann, shares her take on the key changes in the 2024 Study Design, how these will impact teachers and students,
and walks through how we'll address these changes in our new textbooks.

Concise theory & scaffolded questions

All textbook and video lessons are mapped to the key knowledge dot points, and are designed to build the skills required to succeed in VCE Legal Studies. Scaffolded questions support students in mastering their approach to exam-style questions by focusing on the application of theory.

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Relevant real-world examples

Packed with real-world examples, actual legal cases and hypothetical scenarios to scaffold students from theory to application. Victoria Law Reform Commission reforms, parliamentary inquiries, and Royal Commissions will remain up to date throughout the Study Design.

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Interactive checklists & video solutions

Students will ace exam-style questions using checklists and video solutions for every extended response question. Perfect for flipped learning, revision, or extending students in or outside of class. Students can make progress and assess their own understanding, so you can focus on targeting teaching and offering the extra support your students need.

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How are you addressing the dot points referring to First Nations people and their experiences of the legal system?
How will you support students who didn’t study Legal Studies Units 1&2?
How you will support students in making links between concepts?
How are you supporting students' literacy?
Will you include current examples from the last 4 years?

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