Discipline and practice is the key to success, according to Mohan Dhall

Discipline and practice is the key to success, according to Mohan Dhall

Georgina Mogiannis - Digital Content Manager

Mohan Dhall is a name synonymous with Business Studies (and commerce subjects in general) and the HSC.  He has helped scores of students achieve success and it only makes sense that he runs several companies as well. He is also a published author, educational advocate and consultant. His answer to achieve success in the HSC is simple - discipline and practice. We recently sat down with Mohan and got the low down on who he really is and what he gets up to when he's not at school, running a company, or in front of the Edrolo camera.

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Fun facts about Mohan

🎤 He is a Swiftie! That's right, Mohan lists Tay Tay's music among his favourites (as well as Lior and Peter Gabriel).

🏏  He loves cricket - he watches the IPL, the Cricket Twenty20 World Cup, and anything cricket-related on Fox Sports.

🎓 He's currently busy with his doctoral studies in pedagogy.

👟 He is a runner - he trains for and runs half-marathons.

🧠 He loves the idea of physical discipline where we test ourselves to be the best we can, and runs without music and often with little water, so that the mind has to focus and find a state of dynamic meditation.

Tell us a bit about your teaching background.

I taught for 26 years at all different types of schools, public and private. My longest appointment was 22 years at PLC Sydney, and during this time I led a staff of 45 as director of the Futures Extension Centre. I have also worked for the NSW Board of Studies (called NESA now), marked HSC exams, run Trial HSC Committees, and been an exam assessor. I run several companies, train teachers at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and am a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Why Business Studies? What makes you excited about this subject?

I have a degree in Commerce so this was the subject I was most drawn to, and my accounting strength meant I was asked to train teachers to understand how to assess businesses from a financial analysis perspective. I love business as a business leader and manager.

Where do students use the skills they gain from studying Business Studies in life beyond school?

If they are aware and think about the businesses and brands they routinely interact with, the subject can give student crucial insights into how to think about business ideas, curate resources, and run a business successfully.

In your experience, what do students find most challenging about Business Studies, and how do you support them?

The subject is content heavy. This is a challenge. However, when it is brought to life through its applicability in the real world it is actually a very 'natural' subject – so simple to actually see and, content apart, so real. The way to master content is through disciplined study and making simple, short notes related to each syllabus point – not the reams of irrelevant stuff found in the text books.

Be disciplined and set yourself up for success by creating the conditions for success. This occurs by removing barriers that make us want to procrastinate. Use timetables and structure your time, because structured time means less time is spent thinking about what to do next and more time on actually doing.
Create your own summaries in a form you understand, but most importantly practice, practice, practice and then practice more through solving problems, and drafting short answer and long answer responses.

What do you see as a key benefit for students and/or teachers in using Edrolo?

It affirms what is done in class, can reinforce content if it is ever missed for any reason, and can be an excellent tool for structured support when summarising a course and preparing for any or all assessment tasks.

What's the funniest thing that's ever happened in your classroom?

The ridiculously funny jokes I tell. Then I start laughing and alas, sometimes, can't stop. One student I had thought the word "Azerbaijan" was hilarious, and her tears of laughter also sent me into fits of uncontrolled laughter :-D

How would your students describe you?

Calm, warm, self-disciplined and supportive.

What are the best and worst things about teaching?

The best is helping others to learn, and the worst is when I am not good enough to help someone love learning and want to learn

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