Put the puzzle together - VCE Psychology study tips from KK

Put the puzzle together - VCE Psychology study tips from KK

Clinton Milroy, Head of Marketing - Edrolo

It's not unusual for Kristy Kendall (or KK as she's affectionately known to many VCE Psychology teachers and students) to get stopped in the street and asked for an autograph by a buzzing VCE Psychology student, often wanting it for their own beloved teacher. A legendary Psychology teacher, VCAA assessor, OG Edrolo teacher-presenter and now Principal of Toorak College, Kristy knows a thing or 2 about getting exam-ready. Her songs, energetic personality and flair for making things fun, have helped 1000s of students learn and love Psychology. Here she shares some of her expertise.

Kristy will be presenting two VCE Psychology student study sessions on Sunday 8 October as part of Edrolo Study Fest ‘23. Students can find out more, and book their spot here.

What do you love about teaching Psychology?

Psychology is all about you! So the best bit about teaching Psych is that we get to put the puzzle pieces together to work out how you tick and what makes you uniquely you.

What is a concept students most often struggle with?

Hmmmmmm……I think the concept students are most reluctant about is the research skills component. It is lucky that it is my favourite, and once you nail the basics, it is really formulaic, and a skill you can then apply no matter what is thrown at you.

What are you going to cover in the study session?

Firstly, the most important thing is clarity! In a new study design there is a lot of inconsistency around what different resources say, and during the year, the VCAA releases more and more information to teachers as they adjust the new course. When authors or presenters write a textbook or make a video, it is done before this material comes out. So I know students right now are looking for clarity. I will clean up the mess!

Secondly, we will hit the hard stuff and really give students in the session a way to stand out from the crowd. It’s a big crowd in Psych, so standing out is really important to put that + on the A!

What’s a taster of study tip that students might expect from the session?

Right now I assume students are knee-deep in the Sleep course. We could use a single hypnogram to link every dot point too, and construct the ultimate memory aid, but also ensure the scientific rigour is applied to an area of study that students often forget to put the science behind!

What will students take away from the session?

Great links between the course, great systems for nailing the tough stuff, and great laughs!

What can students be doing now to set themselves up to be ready for exam prep next term?

Dot points! Dot Points! Dot points! Grab a pen and start writing. Put 5 minutes on the clock and see how much you can write about a random dot point. Find your holes and weaknesses then start there with your study! And then repeat!

How can students use your Edrolo Psychology resources to learn and study?

I have heard that I am a pretty good resource to watch at 1.5x speed! I’m not offended, it’s ok! But actually I think the beauty of the videos I make is that I try to bring them to life. Think about your stories and connections too. It will make your learning so much more powerful.

Any tips you’d give students who might be struggling right now, to stay across their studies, remember content across classes etc?

Lucky Psych students are memory experts, hey! The advice I would give is that it does all start to fall into place. Even the last AOS on mental health is not MORE content, it is RELATED content. So look for the crossovers and find the concepts over the specifics. That’s where we build from. 

I am also a fan of recording your own voice and listening to yourself explain something. You could even share with a friend and swap!

What’s the one thing you always tell your students for success in Psychology?

You have to show off! Knowing the work is not enough, I push for flair!

Why should students come see you in person?

Ha ha…because I never teach something the same way twice! I think I am known for being a really adaptive teacher. The live sessions will grow and change and shape depending on the questions students ask, the examples I hear from students, and how students are responding. 

It is also guaranteed to be totally different to the videos, filled with whichever random story or teaching aid pops into my head in the moment, and it will change to a truly personalised experience that is targeted at the students in the room! We’re going to really create your flair for this subject together.

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